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The Jenni Rivera Love Foundation


o  The Jenni River Love Foundation is a Family Foundation created to ensure that women and their children who are victims of abuse will have access to safe shelter with supportive services including housing, job training, and counseling to achieve stability, good health, and employment

o   R&M serves as the Grant Advisor on foundation structure, program design, fund development, and social media strategy and implementation

I Love Jenni - Season 3

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence


o   National conference of practitioners, funders, and policy members to prevent violence against women and children

o   R&M selected to present Social Media: Integrated Strategies for education, prevention, and fund development to conference attendees


 Groundwork San Diego Chollas CreekGROUNDWORK-LOGO.jpg

o    An organization striving to bring about the sustained regeneration, improvement and management of the physical environment through the development of community-based partnerships which empower people, businesses and organizations to promote environmental, economic and social well-being.

o     Leadership Development Campaign to construct and operate Earthlab, a $30mm open space learning center in South East San Diego

    earthlab outdoor learning.jpg

Walking Shield


o   To improve the quality of life for American Indian Families by coordinating programs that provide shelter, healthcare, community development support, educational assistance, and humanitarian aid

o   R&M serves as partner to deliver community development expertise and assistance to rural Native American communities for increased housing and infrastructure support


The Aspen Institute


o   The Rural Innovators Learning Group-To increase Rural Community Economic Development

o   R&M serves on national panel of practitioners and intermediaries to develop  a new national rural agenda for increased government and philanthropic investments and wealth building approaches


The Grantsmanship Center


o   National training center for Program Planning & Proposal Writing, founded by Norton J. Kiritz

o   R&M provided strategic planning and implementation for new business development, alumni and host support and integration, and social media connection and advancement


California Foundation Fundcaff-logo

o   Established to break the cycle of poverty and reduce the social impacts of economic stresses through entrepreneurial support, financial education, academic scholarships, community outreach, and capacity development

o   R&M researched, designed, and produced the Social Media Coordination for Crowdfunding Assistance to Social Ventures plan for implementation

Irma Herrera


Artist Bio:

When Irma Herrera gives her name its correct Spanish pronunciation, people sometimes assume she’s a foreigner – never mind that the native English-speaker’s family has been in South Texas for generations, or that she is an award-winning social justice activista, lawyer, and journalist.

Tell me Your Name is one woman’s journey from a small segregated South Texas town to the Bay Area’s multicultural mecca. What part of Irma’s identity is she asked to give up for the sake of fitting in and getting along? How can a simple introduction turn into a potential battle to be heard and seen? Weaving history and comedic insights into stories about names, this solo performer invites us to consider how open and welcoming we really are.

o   R&M provided technical support for the construction and design of an official website, training and education in Social Media fluency for engagement and promotion, and content curation


Jose Maro Alvarado


Artist Bio:

I am an artist working and living in Sonoma County. I do lithography, drawing and mixed medium constructions. I was born in Texas and I come from a migrant farmworker background. I have been doing gum Arabic paintings on paper, aluminum and lithographic ink. The meaning of the work has many levels but the most obvious is renewal, transformation, something dying to be born again; the cycle of life, both physically and symbolically.

o   R&M provides Social Media coaching and education, development of a cohesive marketing strategy, content development and promotion.